Do not use Willie Caballero or Caballero Painting Contractors!

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They did a really bad job in all aspects, but then it became a horrible experience when Willie (Wilford) Caballera threatened to sue me and continued to send threatening voice mails to my elderly mother, who's home it is that he and his crew did a pitiful job on. The initial meeting is a low-pressure sa;es meeting and Willie (Wilford) Caballera is very knowledgeable and says all the right things.

Problem is, he doesn't do the work and doesn't communicate the work that needs to be done to his crew. Willie and his supposed "best" crew led by Ronald are incompetent and will lie to your face. I asked Ronald after the last day of staining about the big section of siding they didn't stain, he said they stained it twice the first day. I was there both days of staining and they didn't do it.

Willie is either incompetent and didn't notice it in his final inspection with my Mom, or did notice it and tried to take advantage of my elderly mother. You can see it from the ground in the rear of the home, it's impossible to miss, I though. It's a TOWN-HOME and you don't notice you didn't stain 1 of the 7 sections? Everything from pressure washing (poorly and spraying debris on neighbors) to staining (they DIDN'T STAIN a big section of siding on the chimney stack that you can see from the ground in the back, it's a town-home, there are only 2 sides to look at!) to caulking (Laughable where they did it, they didn't even do it most places and did it differently on each window, caulked over a window weep hole) to minor carpentry (None of it was done: repair loose boards, repairing corner molding, filling carpenter bee holes) to cleanup (Found stain marks where tarps weren't used, stains on windows because none were covered, debris from power wash, old caulking, a razor blade!!) to safety (Willie didn't carry general liability insurance, which is not required by VA law, but his workers were walking on hand railings 15' above ground, ladders 30' in air weren't secured...).

That's just the work that's in the contract without going into what he said they'd do that's not in the contract.

Work was done between 9/6/17 and 9/14/17. Was supposed to start on 9/5/17 but they didn't show up or let us know it wouldn't until 1 pm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Caballero Painting Contractors Siding Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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